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Demand Increases for Purple Corn Cultivation, Ciwandans’ Farmer


CILEGON, BCO.CO.ID – Purple corn varieties that have not been developed by many people in Indonesia become an opportunity for Ahmad Sujai, one of the farmers in Ciwandan Sub-District, Cilegon City. He began cultivating this rare plant to meet the local market demand of Cilegon as well as in Banten.

Ahmad Sujai said that in an acre of land planted with purple corn, he could produce six tons of corn of this flagship variety for sale to bookers. Also, corn is known in Spanish as Maiz Morado also does not take long from planting to harvesting.

Iklan Ucapan

“The planting process until the harvest is 65 days, from one hectare can be six tons,” add Ahmad Sujai

“Because it is still difficult to get purple corn on the market, every harvest is directly harvested by the booker. He hopes that help in the form of seeds and fertilizers from the government and industry is increasingly to meet the market demand. “It’s all already there are orders, know would be harvested, it is directly on the order,” he said.

While in the same place, Ciwandan Agus Ariadi District revealed, the cultivation of food crops of this type has been spread in six villages in Ciwandan Sub-district. Admittedly, Ciwandan Sub-District Government continues to encourage farmers in its region to develop the crops to meet market demand.

“All crops are entirely for the community, the government and the industry only support it. Alhamdulillah, I see this is a very remarkable result,” said Agus Ariadi.

The cultivation of purple corn is also one of the government’s efforts to promote food security and economic independence of the people in Ciwandan Sub-district. In addition to having a unique color pattern, this corn suitable for people who want to lose weight because it contains low sugar content.

“This corn is hunted by many people because it has low sugar content, and the taste is quite tender and tasty. That’s why when you hear this corn wants to be harvested, people flock to order,” Agus Ariadi concluded. []


Editor: Ahdi Zukhruf Amri