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Young People Watches at XXI Cilegon Cinema Alone


CILEGON, BCO.CO.ID – BCO’s best friend, have you ever enjoyed a movie of choice in a large movie theater, with dozens of seats, super big screen, and dark, but only alone and no other audience in it? Young people from Sumampir Neighborhood, Ramanuju Village, Purwakarta District, Cilegon City, have experienced this rare experience.

The 18-year-old accidentally watched the cinema alone at Cinema XXI, Ramayana Cilegon Mall on Friday, November 13, 2020. Not without reason, the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic is the reason for the lack of entertainment facilities.

Iklan Ucapan

Pandu’s unique experience revealed to BCO. Pandu also recorded several times the quiet conditions of the audience in this cinema. For almost two hours to be in a place that Pandu still feel confused while sometimes to capture the moment of such rare. Admittedly, outside the Theater some people think Pandu would come to watch also, it turns out that this visitor did not watch this movie.

”The Genre of the Russian Action movie, on its website there are some seats that are already booked. I guess there will be people who are watching but not there at all. I was confused and also did not focus because alone, so I was playing with my cell phone,” said Pandu.

Pandu reveals, he was almost late to come to this place and did not expect to arrive at the cinema without an audience besides himself. But before entering, he must follow the rules of the management protocols applied to the movies.

”I thought the movie was already playing, so I was in a hurry. The fitting can check in a movie theater attendant there was not anyone. This experience should not be missed, that moment between the cute, confused, or this moment was very rare,” he said.

Are you interested to try Pandus’ experience? If yes, then you should be ready for booking the cinema and the prices are not cheap, of course. []

Editor: Ahdi Zukhruf Amri